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Internships & Training

'An internship can change your life', says an Intern at MIC Nepal. Everything you need to know to further your career will be taught during the internship period at Unlimited and after attending it,you'll know why doing internships is so crucial to your career.

Compliance and reporting

The well-rounded Unlimited Internship program of Microsoft Innovation Center Nepal hosted by Unlimited has earned a reputation for innovative and lasting results. Our team members are seasoned experts in the fields of systems administration, database management, software development, entrepreneurship, business, and information technology. What separates us from the rest is our experience and commitment to staying current with the ever-changing IT landscape.

  • Skills and knowledge on the latest cutting-edge technologies
  • ​Buddy Program ​to ensure a senior professional as mentor
  • ​Interns coming into the program also earn a small stipend
  • ​Unlike other organizations that may charge a fee, Unlimited Internship has no costs associated with it, though it might be very competitive to get into.
  • ​A mixture of both class-room training on cutting-edge technologies as well as to be able to apply this knowledge into practical solutions and apps
  • ​Possibility of sitting thru Certification to get global recognition for the skills and knowledge you gain from the program.

Project Development

Each and every intern at Unlimited is going to be not only learning soft skills, but also hard skills and most importantly will be converting this knowledge to practical terms.

Why Choose Unlimited Internship

Benefits of Unlimited Internship

Professional Mentoring

Senior Developers and IT Professionals at our organization will be training you along with mentoring you to ensure that you ​convert from a caterpillar to a butterfly.

Solutions and implementation